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» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 03 | 14 | 2013   » No Comments   

Yey! The little boy’s passport is finally here! We are ready for a trip ;) Well, crossing-fingers. Hoping his “Yaya” will also get hers. That passport of “Yaya” deserves a different blog post. Anyway, it was a breeze to get a passport for an infant. First, you do not need a confirmed appointment. You may just walk-in. Glad there are satellite offices already like the one in Megamall and Robinson’s Galleria. We went to the latter. We were also with my parents who had to renew their passports and since they are both senior citizens already, they also do not need confirmed appointments.

So we went last February 14 in Robinson’s Galleria. We arrived at almost 10:15am in the mall. I asked the guard where the DFA office is located. It’s actually at the lower level, at the back of McDonald’s. While I was walking towards the office, I was overwhelmed with a number, say hundreds of people out there. There was a long line outside. But I went straight to the guard and asked him where we can proceed for the application of my son. He immediately asked us to go inside to have our documents checked.

For new application for an infant, here’s what I prepared:

A. NSO Birth Certificate which you can order from Pilipnas Teleserv. I thought it is going to take a while to get an NSO copy of his birth certificate but surprised that after 2 months from birth, it is already available. I just paid Php300 for a copy and it was delivered right through our doorstep.
B. My passport and a photocopy of the first and last page. It was my passport that was submitted because I was the parent with him.

After which, I was asked to fill up a form which was just quick because those are just basic information. DFA offices give priority lanes for infants and senior citizens. We didn’t have to line up after our documents were initially checked. We were then asked to proceed to Window 1 and submit our documents. It was the same thing for my parents’ renewal process.

From Window 1, our documents moved to Window 2 where copies of receipts were issued to us. We were asked if we want rush processing or not. I did not avail of rush processing. After the receipts were given, we were already asked to pay with the cashier. No line in cashier so we immediately settled the amount. It was Php 950 for regular processing (15 working days). If you want rush processing, amount is Php 1200 (7 working days). So if you are planning for a trip better to schedule in advance so you won’t get delayed. Besides, for any renewal or new application, you need to get confirmed appointment which may take a while. You have to do the appointment online and sometimes it would take weeks or months before you can get an available schedule. You may try to do a walk-in to this satellite offices but they only accommodate the first 200 applicants so you have to line up as early as 4am and wait and hope to get to be included to the first 200 they will allow for the day for walk-in.

Anyway, after payment, we were asked to go to the encoding department. We had to bypass the line. We told that we are applying for an infant for new passport and renewals for my senior citizen parents. So the next available encoder, we were accommodated. They will skip the next in line for priority lane clients. It took a while for them to get a decent picture of Jacob. He even had to sit on an empty printer box on top of the regular chair so he would be on level with the camera. Finally, after few tries, it was a success and look at his very cute photo on his passport.

After asking me to check the information on the computer, we were handed a paper to give to the courier booth. We were done in 30 minutes or less! In the courier booth (which is LBC), I just had to pay the shipping fee which is at Php120.

The passports were delivered on time. It was released in DFA office last March 7 and we got the passport March 8. You have an option to pick up the passport also during the scheduled released.

Overall, it was a good experience. Now, it’s my yaya’s turn to apply for a passport and that is a total different story. Will blog about it separately.


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