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» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 30 | 2008   » 4 Comments   

I already posted this picture in my other blog but I just want to share that I have not been removing this from our door hardware, since I got it few weeks back.

Margaux has been bringing home a lot of artwoks from school and I just love collecting all of those. I bought an accordion folder to put everything in place. I’m kinda sentimental to these kind of things.

Also, it makes me feel home, after a long day of meetings whenever I see it hanging on our room door.

I’m one happy mommy because I have very sweet little girls.

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 29 | 2008   » No Comments   

I almost forgot to include this picture. While we were playing bowling last saturday, our lane was next to the bowling lane of the family of Francis Magalona. Gosh, the guy has totally slimmed down. He was with wife, Pia and their kids. They are one happy family. My mom insisted to have their picture-taken with Maxine, one of the daugthers of Francis and Pia. I just dont have the guts to ask Francis to have his picture taken with us.

Anyway, Maxine is very pretty and sexy. She doesn’t even need to take any of the diet pills available like Lipozene. And she was very sweet that she even kissed and hugged my kids.

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 28 | 2008   » 2 Comments   

It was a well-spent weekend with family. A much needed time with kids and the husband. Oh, how I miss them with all my Sept weekends occupied, I just had a great time to lounge around, play and be with them. No internet, no blogging was my motto last saturday and sunday.

Saturday, we played in a bowling center in Eastwood, which is a franchise of the famous bowler of the country himself, Paeng Nepomuceno. We were with my brother’s family. The kids of course had a blast.

Look at the future bowlers of the the country!

Ok, fine. I got the lowest score. Don’t even ask for my points, I don’t dare to mention it. We told ourselves, we should do it again.

We ended the night by having dinner in Shanghai Bistro.

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 26 | 2008   » 2 Comments   

Started off with a happy monday so I should end with a happy friday!  It’s been a chaotic week, busy and stressfull.  Still working on some plans and we still can’t get the final good news.  Still fervently praying.  

Work is killing me.  But it’s not good to complain so I would just embrace and love my work more!  For the meantime, I look forward to a weekend with family.  I need to rest as well.  Hope everyone will have a happy weekend!

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 26 | 2008   » No Comments   

Jen, AA and Tracy heart my blog. Thank you girls! Super touch ako. I know I posted something like this before already, but what the heck, I am posting it again cause I’m getting the love again from my readers.

 The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
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I am also giving the same award of “I LOVE YOUR BLOG” and the Propagating Friendship Award which I got from Gracie.

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» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 25 | 2008   » 4 Comments   

I don’t have concerns with Bianca regarding her appetite and eating habits! (unlike Margaux) She can independently eat now on her own as shown on the picture with much yumminess with her Jollibee spaghetti! She also loves snacking all the time with the Nissin Egg Nog as her favorite biscuit. She just request for it everytime like morning and afternoon snacks. Sometimes, munching on it even after eating lunch and dinner. I now wonder if i there could be some egg nog recipes which I can look up to make her snack for interesting?

and she’s just so adorable. I’m the mom, ok?

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 24 | 2008   » 6 Comments   

I almost forgot to blog about Margaux’s Field Trip last Thursday, Sept 18 in Ark Avilon Zoo in Tiendesitas.  I’m so happy that I was one of the selected parent escorts.  Not all parents are requested to come.  The teachers only selected few.  In turn, I was tending to two toddlers, Margaux and her classmate Sophia.  It was so fun inside the bus.  The kids had a blast while singing some songs and participating to their teacher’s game questions.  

Some pictures here…

Margaux enjoyed so much in feeding the rabbits!  Look at her…

They also enjoyed some activities like painting of stones and playing around the area.

We ended up almost lunch time and all kids had a great time.  It was also nice to finally meet and chat with some other mommies.  

Looking forward to more school activities like this!

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Have you heard the latest buzz that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Well, I heart this because they have Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni and they offer their eyeglasses for a very affordable price. If you will look into their website, you will surely find something that you like. Imagine getting a Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses? That’s a real steal for an eye wear. I have been thinking that it could be a best gift for my mom also this christmas. What do you think of this one?

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 22 | 2008   » 4 Comments   

It’s the start of the week. I hope you guys had a great weekend with your families. I had my own shares of ups and downs over the weekend. First, started off in not winning the Crazy LV raffle game of N@W last friday night but nevertheless, I had so much fun organizing the EB and finally meeting new faces. I am very happy for the winners Abbie Yabot and Lia Limpangan.

Saturday was a working day. Had an evening wedding that started at 7pm and we ended up at almost 12mn. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful wedding and my couple happily thanked me and my team for a job well done! Such a rewarding experience.

Sunday, i thought I would be gone again and won’t spend time with family since there’s a schedule fund-raising activity of the ANNS of Dicky’s Rotary Club. I’m partly glad it didn’t push through so I was able to have my much-needed rest for the weekend. Went to the Shangrila Mall with kids as we bought a baseball glove in a sportshop for my nephew as our birthday gift. It was his request actually. In the afternoon, we attended a despedida party of Dicky’s aunt and we ended up the night with a relaxing foot and body massage from Big Apple Express. It our first time to try their services. I’m quite happy with my therapist, although I find their place too small.

It’s another busy week for me and the husband, and we are hoping for some good news by the end of the week.  We keep on praying!

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 09 | 19 | 2008   » No Comments   

Gee, it’s friday madness and I wasn’t able to focus on my work today as I spent almost my whole day starting at 8am in Honda for the CRV maintenance.  For some reason, i had a problem to start it last night and realized that the battery needs replacement.  I did only few paperworks while waiting in their customer lounge but too bad that they didn’t have a wifi access so I wasn’t able to twit! And since I was in there already, decided to have it tuned-up as well because it’s also due for service.  Just came home to change clothes and drop by to wish everyone a happy weekend.  

I have been stress lately that I have two zits in my face and I so, so hate it.  I’m so tempted to use Triclear as my cousin recommended. But even putting it on my face is already a task! So I just hope that the crazy LV game later would hopefully keep me sane!  

Wish me luck!

Happy weekend everyone!