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» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 28 | 2008   » 3 Comments   

What’s the update?  No update yet!  We are still waiting for the appeal from the bank where we submitted our loan application.  New sets of documents are being prepared for submission to another bank. 

 ”Lord, if this is really not for us, please give us more signs.” 

I have to master the art of waiting!  I’m getting dissapointed already.   

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 28 | 2008   » 1 Comment   

“How many times do you do it?”   It has been a topic in one of the egroups where I’m part of.  Sorry, but i won’t divulge my answer!  It is for me and my husband to keep in the four corners of our bedroom.  You might be suprised and envied as well when I tell! Hahaha.   Instead, I would advise wives to work hard to look sexy for their husbands, like for example buying a hot lingerie.  It will set all the mood!

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In our house plan, we have a family room at the ground floor where we intend to put a big flat screen TV.  We have an existing home theater already and we might just use it there but we will definitely be on look out for a good couch to partner with it to make watching a cozy experience.  I told Dicky that I found out about discount home theater seating in the internet.  The designs are very appealing.  We would like to have something like those on the site someday. 

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 28 | 2008   » 5 Comments   

It’s primary complex!

It’s sad.  It’s a long process of medication but come to think of it, my “mommy’s instinct” worked.  I have a bad feeling she has that’s why I really insisted for her to be tested.  We have started medication yesterday. 

Now, all of us in the house must be tested.  I want to know who’s the culprit!

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 28 | 2008   » No Comments   

After coming from a friend’s wake last night, I realized how important it is to get a burial policy.  It would definitely free the immediate family from the stress of preparing what’s needed after death.  I don’t want to sound morbid but we are all going there anyway.  So perhaps, it is really a good idea to look into getting one even at this time. 

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 27 | 2008   » 7 Comments   

Thanks Joanne for the hug.


I’m passing the big hug to :

Apols for being a strong and honest woman, go girl!

Abie, glad silent war is over.

Nice for saying my kids are adorable

Peachy for chatting with me this morning, I had a great laugh!

Kelly for asking how bitchy I am, hahaha.

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 27 | 2008   » No Comments   

Kelly wants to know how bitchy I am.  Well, I’m a little bit above than the average.  I am sometimes could be a real one but I’m trying to tame myself atleast.  Let’s just put it this way, I know how to put up a face.  But don’t worry, I’m generally nice!  I could also be defensive huh?!

You Are 51% Bitchy

Generally, you’re an average woman, with average moods. But sometimes… well, watch out!

Sometimes, you let your mean side get the better of you. And you enjoy every minute of it.

How Bitchy Are You?

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 27 | 2008   » No Comments   

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» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 27 | 2008   » No Comments   

I always believe that debt is actually fine as long as you are taking it responsibly.  Debt is necessary if it is used for emergency cases or could be for something to meet both ends but if debt is used for luxury then it’s totally not good.  You don’t want to get harrassment phone calls from debt collectors.  If you are in this kind of situation already, better to look for organizations that offer  debt help.  But you have to choose carefully on which company to run to.  Some have deceiving offers and you should be mindful of that because they could just be getting a big chunk of your spare change.   One should learn to help himself first in order to get out of such problem.  It is important to run a worksheet of your budget to see your entire capacity.  In the worksheet, better to make a list of all your monthly bills and all those debts you have from people or say from credit card companies.  Then negotiate for a better interest rates from your creditors.  It is necessary to understand how much money comes in to you monthly so better take a look at your budget. Always, live below your means so you will have a good way to restart your life.  Organization like debthelp.net is an institution that is not for profit debt help.    They offer credit card debt help, credit counseling, guidance to debt loans, and debt management.  They can help as well in debt consolidation of your entire family.  They can help you get out of debt by dramatically reducing interest rates, can help in stopping collection calls, lower your monthly payments and can even restore your credit rating. It’s better to get out of this mess early before it ruins relationship, self-esteem and your entire life.  There’s still hope to make your financial solution turn into a positive way. 

» Posted by Jody   » Posted on 02 | 27 | 2008   » 8 Comments   

Brought Margaux yesterday to Medical City be tested for primary complex. I’m suspecting it but I really hope it’s not. She had chest x-ray yesterday and had PPD skin test. Will know results by tomorrow.

So we decided not to send her to school for the meantime. I know primary complex can still be treated but I know it has not to be taken for granted cause it could develop to more complications.

We really pray it’s not.