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I realized it is just few months away and my 2nd daughter Bianca will already turn 7 years old. Of course, we are throwing her a big party just like her big sister, Margaux. It will be a joint celebration as well for the 1st birthday of our one and only son, Jacob. 6 months down the line and I haven’t done anything except to pencil-book the venue. Good thing I am in this events planning industry, I can try to pull things off last minute ;) Bianca wants a sort of Rockstar Princess for her party. She wants to perform as well for her party so I am planning to hire again a band or might borrow boomwhackers from musicians friend. There is no definite plans yet for the rest but I am hoping I can already decide on the other suppliers to get before the month ends.

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Yey! After finding the right draw latch for my office, now I can finally relax and have time to read.

This is my current read. I love these beautiful short stories appropriate for mothers. It’s very inspiring and I really hope i can put into practice all the lessons I got from this book. For now, let this Holy Week be a time for my family as well. I look forward that I can have time with my kids and my husband. I deserve quality time with them after working hard in the past few months. We are headed for a family time together somewhere in the South tomorrow. I cannot wait!

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School break has began so summer is officially here.  I’m excited that we are going to the beach this week.  Well, it’s my 2nd already for this year.  And then I have scheduled trips again by April and May.  Yey, for beach trips this year.  So happy!  But for now, I think I need to check out the best selection orthaheel shoes which I can also bring for outdoor fun.  I cannot deny the age ;) and I hate to admit that I’m getting tired too easily now and my feet hurts badly with too much walking and standing for so long so I need to get very comfortable sandals that will be appropriate for me to wear.

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Yey! The little boy’s passport is finally here! We are ready for a trip ;) Well, crossing-fingers. Hoping his “Yaya” will also get hers. That passport of “Yaya” deserves a different blog post. Anyway, it was a breeze to get a passport for an infant. First, you do not need a confirmed appointment. You may just walk-in. Glad there are satellite offices already like the one in Megamall and Robinson’s Galleria. We went to the latter. We were also with my parents who had to renew their passports and since they are both senior citizens already, they also do not need confirmed appointments.

So we went last February 14 in Robinson’s Galleria. We arrived at almost 10:15am in the mall. I asked the guard where the DFA office is located. It’s actually at the lower level, at the back of McDonald’s. While I was walking towards the office, I was overwhelmed with a number, say hundreds of people out there. There was a long line outside. But I went straight to the guard and asked him where we can proceed for the application of my son. He immediately asked us to go inside to have our documents checked.

For new application for an infant, here’s what I prepared:

A. NSO Birth Certificate which you can order from Pilipnas Teleserv. I thought it is going to take a while to get an NSO copy of his birth certificate but surprised that after 2 months from birth, it is already available. I just paid Php300 for a copy and it was delivered right through our doorstep.
B. My passport and a photocopy of the first and last page. It was my passport that was submitted because I was the parent with him.

After which, I was asked to fill up a form which was just quick because those are just basic information. DFA offices give priority lanes for infants and senior citizens. We didn’t have to line up after our documents were initially checked. We were then asked to proceed to Window 1 and submit our documents. It was the same thing for my parents’ renewal process.

From Window 1, our documents moved to Window 2 where copies of receipts were issued to us. We were asked if we want rush processing or not. I did not avail of rush processing. After the receipts were given, we were already asked to pay with the cashier. No line in cashier so we immediately settled the amount. It was Php 950 for regular processing (15 working days). If you want rush processing, amount is Php 1200 (7 working days). So if you are planning for a trip better to schedule in advance so you won’t get delayed. Besides, for any renewal or new application, you need to get confirmed appointment which may take a while. You have to do the appointment online and sometimes it would take weeks or months before you can get an available schedule. You may try to do a walk-in to this satellite offices but they only accommodate the first 200 applicants so you have to line up as early as 4am and wait and hope to get to be included to the first 200 they will allow for the day for walk-in.

Anyway, after payment, we were asked to go to the encoding department. We had to bypass the line. We told that we are applying for an infant for new passport and renewals for my senior citizen parents. So the next available encoder, we were accommodated. They will skip the next in line for priority lane clients. It took a while for them to get a decent picture of Jacob. He even had to sit on an empty printer box on top of the regular chair so he would be on level with the camera. Finally, after few tries, it was a success and look at his very cute photo on his passport.

After asking me to check the information on the computer, we were handed a paper to give to the courier booth. We were done in 30 minutes or less! In the courier booth (which is LBC), I just had to pay the shipping fee which is at Php120.

The passports were delivered on time. It was released in DFA office last March 7 and we got the passport March 8. You have an option to pick up the passport also during the scheduled released.

Overall, it was a good experience. Now, it’s my yaya’s turn to apply for a passport and that is a total different story. Will blog about it separately.

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Grateful that we finally able to stay in Acuatico Beach Resort in Batangas. We have been trying to book for a summer get-away for about 3 years ago in this popular resort but it was always fully booked. So since we learned already our lessons, we booked already about 4 rooms since late November of last year. We went for an overnight trip with my family and 4 of our friends and their families too. Of course the kids had a blast. In fact, all of them had tantrums on our 2nd day after checking out. They all want to stay still been demanding us to stay for another night! So that tells how much they enjoyed the place and the company of each other.

We arrived early morning of Feb 23. It was 2 hours and a half trip from Manila. But it’s worth it. The resort is not so big but enough for about maximum of 60 guests who can stay there. We love their infinity pool of course. There is a kiddie pool too. The kids don’t even want to leave the pool. They also offer sumptuous buffet lunch and dinner. Rates are not that bad for Php550 for lunch and Php 625 for dinner. Though the spread is not that much but it is already good to keep us full and enjoy the meal. There’s unlimited coffee and tea in their restaurant which all in-house guests can avail.

The room is just good enough for a family of 2 adults and 2 kids. Since we brought our little one, we also have our “yaya” with us. We requested for an extra bed for her. Rate is Php 1850 with breakfast already. But since the room is very small, that leaves us with a cramped room when the bed was placed. But anyway, they took out the bed the following morning. The room rate we got was at Php8150 for an overnight stay that comes with breakfast for 2 adults and 2 kids. Our kids ate for free because age of 7 and below can dine in for free.

Overall, it was a nice experience for us. We wouldn’t mind going back in the resort. Our stay made it even better because we were in the company of good friends.

Here are some pictures…

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My girls are enrolled already for their summer classes. Both of them will attend a Fashion and Arts Class that would run for the month of April. I am pretty excited with it as their teacher, my good friend Mimi of Bumblebee Children’s Costumes and Sasha Clothing will teach them how to sketch a dress, make a pattern and even choose a fabric for dresses. They will in turn model that dress that they are going to make. Isn’t cool? I am also thinking to continue my first born with her piano lessons and our second daughter to take a guitar or banjo lesson. She particularly got interested when she saw the goodtime banjo guitar center online while I was browsing some sites. I would have to find out which one would truly interest her.

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So it’s already time of the year when quick getaways with families and friends happen. And our first for the year happened last week. Although it was a foggy morning to begin with it was still a very beautiful weekend as the sun shine on us in our destination. We had a good time with friends and our kids had the grandest time swimming and playing with each other. Our husband enjoyed their bonding moments also. We had great stories to tell from spreads, having kids and even about the best cigar torch lighter, lol. Oh well, hope we could repeat such.

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that totally took out my stress.

It was a working weekend for me last Saturday and Sunday. Indeed tiring especially that one was an out-of-town wedding. But I’m blessed to have a very understanding and supportive husband since the time I started on this business. Last night, I went home almost 230am already and found the above on our dining table. And yes, not only does the box of red velvet cupcakes (my favorite) can take away my stress but more so the gesture of doing so. I love you Babes! Thank you for attending to the kids on weekends (mostly) that I am gone.

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It has been our 16th Valentine’s Day together but my husband never fails to give me flowers during heart’s day. I’m lucky to have a very sweet husband. And up until now, I still feel the same excitement since year one. He always makes me feel special and he has been very true to his words when he proposed to me that he will court me forever even after the wedding day. Sorry for my mushiness now but I just can’t help but share how happy I am with him. I sometimes wonder how can i repay him with his true love and kindness. Hmm, aside from being a very good wife to him and good mother for our children, I am also thinking to give him a very nice gift. But I have to save up for what he wants. He has been looking at watches raymond weil over the internet the past few weeks. I hope I can afford it in time for our anniversary. ;)

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The husband bought this new 55″ 3D and LED TV as his Christmas gift to himself. Good thing our existing chief mount can still hold this one since we moved our existing TV to the kids’ room. We love watching movies on this TV. It’s a perfect one for those suspense and action movies. And it’s also nice to play Xbox Kinect to this big TV. Well, it’s becoming our family bonding to play Kinect every weekend.